Dumpling Maker (“pelmennica”)

A lot of hardcore pelmeni-makers believe that the only proper way to make dumplings (aka “pelmeni” / “пельмени”) is to make the by hands. If you are not one of them, then you need “pelmennica” (“пельменница”). It was one of “must have” items in every Soviet household. (Buy)

pelmennica пельменница
Казан Kazan

Cast Iron Dutch Oven (“Kazan”)

“Kazan” (“казан”) is one of the main cookware items that is needed for proper preparation of several famous Russian dishes (e.g. “plov”). If you can’t find authentic “kazan” you can use iron cast dutch oven as an alternative to it. (Buy)

Cast iron Wok (“Kazan”)

Cast iron wok is another good alternative to “kazan” (Buy)

Kazan Казан
pressurecooker cкороварка

Pressure Cooker (“Skorovarka”)

Pressure cooker “skorovarka” (“скороварка”) is commonly used to speed up cooking times (e.g. stocks & broth) and canning/marinading of vegetables. (Buy)

Baking Form “Oreshnica”

This baking form is used to make shells for a popular cookie (i.e. “oreshki” / “орешки”) with a boiled condensed milk cream filling. (Buy)

oreshnica орешница
mantovarka мантоварка

Steam Cooker (“Mantovarka”)

Steam cooker (aka “mantovarka” / “мантоварка”) is generally used to cook some types of dumplings (e.g. “manti”) and steam vegetables. (Buy)

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